A state of emergency declared in
Ethiopia after the resignation of the country’s prime minister will last for six months,as the government seeks to stem political unrest amid long-standing demands for greater freedoms.

The country’s minister of defence Siraj Fegessa said measure, which was first
announced by state media after a cabinet meeting includes a ban on protests and the dissemination of publications “that could incite and sow discord.

“The government has previously made several efforts to curtail violence, but lives have continued to be lost, many have been displaced and economic infrastructure has been damaged,” Fegessa said.

The state of emergency order will be sent to Ethiopia’s parliament within 15 days for ratification, the minister also said.

It will give law enforcement officers the power to detain anyone suspected of violating “the constitutional order” and the ability to search houses, cars and individuals, all without a court warrant.


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