Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN the Management of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation NNPC), oil giant, Chevron, and other critical stakeholders have met at the Presidential Villa over the gas project he initiated in the State.

Speaking with orangefm after the meeting, the governor was optimistic  that the project would boost the economy of the state.

“We were at the meeting that has the Chief of Staff directly and what we have come to do is on the economic diversification initiative. Sometime in June, we had our summit in Akure, Ondo State. And following the summit, we had about five points that we needed to now take up.

“We have to come in and to hold meeting with all stakeholders, including NNPC, Chevron, Shell and others, and even some of our investors, so all of us to discuss on these five points.

“That’s why we are here because we need to be on a spot; it is a one-stop shop so that we discuss these initiatives”, said Akeredolu, adding that a lot of progress was made during discussion at the meeting which would be beneficial to Ondo State in the gas project.

“We were particular about being on the gas plan and it has been made clear to us that we have always been on the national gas plan and that all that is now needed is for us to decide what and what to be done. We have the OK LNG and we felt that something has to be done there.

“NNPC has put a lot of efforts to have that place developed but part of their partnership withdrew from it.  if Ondo State is now keenly interested, we can get some of the investors to come and have OK LNG take off again for the purpose which it was established and other purposes which can be accommodated.

“So these are the discussions we have had and in other to push this, we now have to put together a working committee that is going to work on all our discussions and in the next four week, we are back to now continue with our work”.

On the security of oil pipelines, Akeredolu said Ondo remained a peaceful and assured that pipelines in the area would not be vandalised while also commending President Muhammadu Buhari-led government in ensuring the security of oil pipelines in the country


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