A group, United Global Resolve For Peace has stressed the need for security agencies to stop physical harassment of suspects in the name of getting information from them.

A statement by the group’s  Executive Director, Olaseni Shalom, described as unconstitutional act of torture, and other degrading treatment of any sorth by the security agencies on suspects.

The group maintained that until proven and declared by competent court of a person guilty of a crime, it is a clear jungle justice to subject such person to any form of torture.

“We reject and denounce as unconstitutional and debasing, all acts by the aforesaid institutions whereby persons are executed, penalized, tortured or made to undergo inhumane and degrading treatment of any sort.”

“Until and unless a competent court of law declares a person guilty of a crime, it amounts to nothing but jungle justice to subject such a person to any form of torture by the Police or Military in the name of extorting information form them.”

“For the sake of peace and civility, we hereby call out to the Nigerian Police to desist from this barbaric act as same is not only a violation of section 34 of the Constitution, but a slippery slope to jungle justice,” the statement read.

Olaseni said only a competent court that upholds the law is permitted to issue out penalty to individual, after hearing his/her side of the story.


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