French President Emmanuel Macron’s enthusiasm for acting dates back to his school days – and next week he will appear in a Cannes Film Festival movie.

The 90-minute French road movie La Traversée (The Crossing) gives Mr Macron a seven-minute cameo role, with two leftist filmmakers in a cafe.

It is not in the competition at Cannes.

The documentary explores how France has changed since the 1968 Paris student uprising. Mr Macron gives his views on the role of religion in society.

But perhaps what audiences will remember most is the comedy of Mr Macron’s surprise appearance. He interrupts the veteran left-wing activists, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Romain Goupil, as they bicker over whether to interview the president at the Elysée Palace.

Report says It is the first time a sitting French president has starred in a movie.


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