Ondo state Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development has intensified efforts in ridding the state of all illegal structures by visiting some sites and projects in Ondo, Asewele and Ore towns.

Speaking at a proposed filling station at Oka Street in Ondo, the Commissioner, Prince Solagbade Amodeni who led the enforcement squad of the ministry said the site was not within built-up area and as such does not pose any threat to the environment.

Prince Amodeni who was appalled at the site of an unapproved and over-built petrol filling station at Ore said it was outrageous for just a filling station to have 10 fuel pumps, 1 kerosene pump and 2 diesel pumps.

He directed the enforcement squad to redmark the station and paste Demand Notice.

His team also marked a row of shops built without approval at Ore and pasted a Demand Notice as well as served notice for an existing petrol filling station built without approval.


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