Robbie Williams has revealed that he had contemplated suicide multiple times when he was a ‘coke’ addict.


The English singer-songwriter,45, disclosed this during an interview with Jo Woods on Alien Nation podcast, where he spoke about his battle with mental health and substance abuse while living in a ‘dark’ house at Primrose Hill, North London with an ex-girlfriend.


Speaking of the house Robbie explained: ‘Instantly I picked up on it being weird and dark and having an energy. The first time it manifested itself as something physical the ghetto blaster came on.


‘I was doing a lot of coke at the time. I would be in the house but hear footsteps go up the stairs. It got progressively worse. She (ex-girlfriend) thought it was her granddad.


‘I would get in the car and whatever it was would jump in the backseat. Two months in, I couldn’t deal with it any more. I thought if this stays with me I was going to commit suicide.’


Admitting that he was at the end of his tether, Robbie explained: ‘I got up one day, and there was a dark mist at the end of my bed. I was too scared to go and brush my teeth as I would have to walk through this mist.


‘I just said to my girlfriend at the time “I am going now, are you going to come with me?”‘


Robbie continued: ‘We went to the Swiss Cottage Marriott hotel. I was speaking to my ANR guy, I was explaining to him about what had happened and I said, rather dramatically, if it had stayed with me I would have had to kill myself.’


The singer then explained that he later found out the house was built atop a Black Death burial site.


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