As the death toll in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta surpasses 470, a UN Security Council vote on a draft resolution seeking a 30-day ceasefire across the country has been postponed until later today.

The vote had already been delayed several times, as council members tried to convince Russia to agree to a resolution.

More than 470 people have been killed in the Damascus suburb since Sunday, including 150 children, according to UK-based The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Another 2,330 people have been wounded, SOHR said on Friday evening. Dozens of other people were missing “under the rubble”, it added, as Russian-backed Syrian forces continued their aerial assault on the rebel-held enclave, home to some 400,000 people.

Eastern Ghouta is the last remaining rebel-held area east of Damascus and has been under siege by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ‘s forces since 2013.

The draft UNSC resolution, sponsored by Kuwait and Sweden , is aimed at implementing a ceasefire to allow aid delivery and the evacuation of civilians from the besieged suburb.


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