A recalled US ambassador at the centre of the Trump impeachment inquiry Marie Yovanovitch has confessed that she felt threatened by a cryptic remark the President made about her on a call.


The Ex-envoy to Ukraine told Congress That she was very concerned by President Donald Trump’s comment in the phone call with Ukraine’s leader,Volodymyr Zelensky


Democrats have just released the first transcripts from closed-door testimony.


The Republican President is accused of trying to pressure Ukraine into investigating unsubstantiated corruption claims against his US political rival, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, who worked with a Ukrainian gas company.


During the 25th July call with President Zelensky, in a rough transcript of which has been released by the White House ,the US president also described Ms Yovanovitch as bad news.


That call triggered the current congressional impeachment investigation that could seek to remove Mr Trump from office for alleged abuses of power.


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