Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó has told tens of thousands of his supporters that humanitarian aid will be brought in, despite opposition from President Nicolás Maduro.


He also told a rally in Caracas that “the usurper [Maduro] has to leave”.


Mr Maduro earlier told the BBC he would not allow aid in as it was a way for the US to justify an intervention.


The US and most Western governments have recognised Mr Guaidó as interim president.


Mr Maduro, who is backed by Russia and China, is under growing pressure to call early presidential elections amid a worsening economic crisis and accusations of widespread corruption and human rights violations.


Mr Guaidó told his supporters in the capital that humanitarian aid would be brought into Venezuela on 23 February.


“We have almost 300,000 Venezuelans who will die if the aid doesn’t enter. There are almost two million whose health is at risk.”


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